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414 feature always 10-18-04 07:56 10-18-04 07:56
Ross Boylan  
0000414: Make HTML and project browser similar
When visiting the squeakland web site, various pages present different projects. The FAQ mentions that if you have a working squeak image you can load them into the image. However, the projects available on the squeakland site via the project browser appear to be, compared to the web site
a) much fewer
b) organized differently.

For example, most of the projects on [^] do not seem to be available via the project browser tool (Navigator tab | Find).
Using squeak's builtin browser didn't seem to help; it didn't know what to do with the projects.

Since the audience squeakland is aimed at is probably browser based, it's awkwardness from within the squeak image probably should not be a priority.

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