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4254 Hedgehog minor always 07-14-06 02:03 07-15-06 22:40
0004254: avatar customization
The initialization of the user avatar is not modular with respect to customization.
CroquetHarness >> initialize does a lot of stuff, including the creation and initialization of the avatar. This creates a maintenance problem all around:
  - Developers of CroquetHarness and its subclasses should be able to change their initialization. This has happened already. However,...
  - Folks who want a different avatar class, or even just a different mesh, have to either copy all the initialization code (and will thus miss improvements) or they have to let the avatar be initialized by the inherited CroquetHarness>>initialize method, and then reinitialize the harness with new stuff.

The attached file breaks out #initialize to use a new #initializeAvatar: method that is intended to be overridden by subclasses. HOWEVER: it uses Croquet-Harnes-bgf.100, which is more recent than the SKD 1.0 beta distribution.
related to 0004329resolved andreas formManager customization 
related to 0005080new  CroquetHarnessWithMenu initializes avatar in the wrong place 
 AvatarInitialization.2.cs.gz [^] (1,229 bytes) 07-15-06 22:39

07-15-06 22:40   
Mind you that although the attached is an improvement, it still leaves the same issue for TFormManager, CroquetEvent, TTaskMain, ...