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4369 Kernel minor always 08-02-06 18:05 12-27-09 19:09
0004369: [Patch] Both source files now with 512MB capacity
attached are two .cs files which together push the limit from 32MB to 512MB for the .sources file and the .changes file, no problem so far on 0007048. Use:

FileIn LargeSourceFilePointers-kwl.0.cs; if you filed it into an empty changeset then select the doIt in the preabmble, otherwise select the doIt from the fileList text view, then doIt. This doIt is essential. Note that this fileIn will change the MethodProperties class definition, you must accept.

Do the very same with LargeSourceFilePointers-kwl.1.cs, fileIn then doIt. You don't need to inspect the result from the two doIts (these 204 methods have been discussed before).

In both steps a small amount of methods is compiled and a part of the migration is executed, doesn't take much time. Don't forget to save the image (before; after)! The 0007048 image grew 300KB here.

There is no break in compatibility with the existing .sources and .changes files, except that *after* you passed the old 32MB limit for one of the files, it can no longer be used by an uncoditioned image.

I'd like to receive some feedback that this works for you, all platforms, thank you in advance. The FilePlugin was checked for the file pointer length, it accepts up to eight byte pointers (SmallInteger and LargeInteger).

Will do more tests (and perhaps more patches) during the next couple of days.
related to 0005205resolved  Versions, sources, and changes. Repairing the current system to eliminate limitations. 
 LargeSourceFilePointers-kwl.1.cs [^] (4,850 bytes) 08-02-06 18:06
 LargeSourceFilePointers-kwl.0.cs [^] (4,665 bytes) 08-02-06 18:07

10-09-06 05:16   
See 0005205 for description of a larger version of this issue.
10-09-06 05:33   
See: 0005205 for report on larger issue.

see Tim's squeak-dev post for an even wider issue: [^]