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SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

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4488 Hedgehog feature always 08-11-06 21:12 08-17-06 01:24
0004488: should have an easy way for users to ask for a two way portal
Currently, our menu items only allow for creating a one-way portal
between two spaces.

The user ought to have an option to create two way portals.
related to 0003521resolved andreas portals to other space in same island get render error 
related to 0002796new  Cannot carry portal into another space 

08-13-06 19:16   
We've had this for a while in WiscWorlds, and currently available at [^]

There is a menu item New->Space, which creates a new space and two TWindows. These each contain a TMagneticPortal to the other portal.

There are semantic difficulties with two-way portals in the face of cut/copy/paste, which the Wisconsin stuff supports for all objects. A TMagneticPortal is just like a TPortal, but on being pasted anywhere (even in another island!) it notifies the other end to point to the newly pasted portal. This allows you to copy, carry, or cut one end of a two-way portal-pair and put it in any other space on any island. The effect in the presence of copying is that traversing the portal always leads you to the place designated by the most recently pasted version of the other end. (In Wisconsin semantics, carrying a portal to another island is equivalent to pasting a copy. In fact, it's implemented that way.)

Given the code, I think you should be able to use these without the Wisconsin harness and such, although you will need some way to get a reference to the harness, which we normally get through the WisconsinController and clipboard. See TMagneticPortal>>postImportFromIslandCopier:.

Note that any implementation will require a fix to [^] KidsFirst includes a version of Croquet-Objects that fixes this.

The only reason that the Wisconsin package is on SqueakSource instead of the CroquetSource contributions repository is that it depends on bug fixes like the above, which are tentatively fixed at the above SqueakSource repository pending merges.
08-17-06 01:24   
The contributions Chat-zamp.58.mcz and MenuUI-mpm.72.mcz. includes the option for 1 way, 2-way and "just teleport" connections when connecting to another space. These options are in the "portal type" part of the Postcard settings dialog you invoke from "connect to another world" in the tools menu.