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4489 Hedgehog feature always 08-11-06 21:15 08-17-06 01:20
0004489: we need collaborative text objects in the 3D scene
If we are going to have annotations something like we had
in Jasmine, we need to get collaborate text objects into the scene.

We also need to deal with the user interface issue so that you
can see the text without always being right in front of the text object.

08-13-06 19:37   
We have this working at [^] There's a menu item to create a TWindow that contains a view of a morphic text object. Anyone can type on it, and everyone sees it update live. See WisconsinHarness>>makeText:.

This works correctly wrt collaboration, syncing, persisting to file, cut/paste/copy, and carrying to another space or island. However, it kind of sucks in other ways. The morphic hack is, well, a hack. The shift-key tends to make the whole text highlight. It's too easy to accidentally get the morphic world and other menus when you don't want to. Resizing the TWindow stretches the pixels instead of controlling the visible part of a scroll area. But it's a serviceable placeholder.
08-17-06 01:20   
these issues are handled in the changesets in contributions with Chat-zamp.58.mcz and MenuUI-mpm.72.mcz. Clicking anywhere in the content of the "note" window in the 3D space brings up a tweak dialog where you can edit the note (with keystrokes. selctions showing in the shared 3D scene while you are editing. Advantage is the you can edily edit without being right in front of hte 3D text note. Also, the notes are two sided, so for people looking at the note in 3D in the scene its also easier to see.