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4531 Morphic crash always 08-13-06 22:31 11-25-07 21:54
new 3.9  
0004531: view objects hierarchy crashes squeak in smallLand theme
Select "view objects hierarchy" button from main docking bar.
The hierarchy window is displayed with the world icon.
Sometimes a message not understood box comes up and lets you abandon.
Most of the time it sits for a minute and the whole Squeak window
displays error code that includes:

***System error handling failed***
Orginal error: Error: Message not understood: BalloonMorph>>isObjectsTools.
The main docking bar must be used because the main world menu is not available
(another bug).
has duplicate 0006783closed wiz view objects hierarchy causing error on novice mode [^] (771 bytes) 08-14-06 02:57

08-14-06 00:08   
Hi ckasso,

I could not reproduce the conditions that cause this error in 7052.
In a fresh 7052. I got the preference browser and enabled the docking bar.
Found and selected the show objects hierarchy.
I got the menu with the hierarchy as requested. No error signals.

There is vital information missing from your report.

What version of the image are you using?

How in simple steps, from a fresh start can you run into your problem?

Without that the report is not useful to others.

You may also wish to include what os and vm you are running under to eliminate them as a cause of the problem.

Yours in service, Jerome Peace
08-14-06 00:56   
Hi Wiz,

I'm running Ubuntu linux. This fails for me in 3.9-7053 and 7054.
From a fresh 7053 or 7054:
Change theme to smallLand
Display the docking bar
Select the "View objects hierarchy" icon

08-14-06 03:06   
Hi ckasso,

Thanks for the quick response.

I can see that your title described the problem quite well. Still, I feel more confidant tackling a problem with a recipe and the version info.

The first problem here is basic isObjectsTool has one sender and no implementors.

I have patched it in

by changing the sender to use [ each isMemberOf: ObjectsTool ] instead.

That gets past the problem you ran into.

This bug though illustrates that smalland mode has not been tested at all.
So you will probably run into other difficulties.

Thanks for your report.. It was right on.

Yours in service, -- Jerome Peace
08-14-06 03:10   
Reminder sent to: MarcusDenker, stef

Hi Marcus, Hi Stef

I've uploaded a fix for this one.

But smalland mode badly wants more careful checking.

Yours in service, -- Jerome Peace
08-29-06 10:28   
Hi Wiz,

Yes, both SmallLand and SqueakLand code would need extensive testing... the problem ist, both
projects did not even look at 3.9. If I had known that before, I wouldn't have put so much work into the integration...
11-25-07 21:54   
Reminder sent to: edgardec

Hi Edgar,
Here is another one that fell thru the cracks.

It should have been fixed in 3.9 but a the duplicate complaint made me look and it has not yet gotten into the 7155 image.

So this should be taken care of so smalland theme users can find us new bugs.

Cheers, service, and curiosity, --Jer