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4677 Morphic minor always 09-01-06 03:36 10-09-07 02:59
new 3.9  
0004677: Collapsing world works but uncollapsing it causes an out of memory crash.
In a fresh squeak ( I used 7055)
in a workspace evaluate:

World collapse .

( a collapsed Window named "world" will show up.)
The world will still exist. Clicking will bring the world menu up etc.

Now press the uncollapse button on the Window named "world".
The button changes color. Nothing happens for a long time (clicks don't get notices etc.) (The cursor still moves and I can access the non squeak parts of my operating system.)
Eventually the out of memory simple text window (Classic.out) comes up to inform me I have run out of memory.

I haven't looked but this probably will crash any squeak.

I am running on a iMac G3 in OS9.1. Vm is Squeak 3.8.9b7 Classic.

Though it may be a clue to a major problem, this is a minor urgency bug.
I ran into it while doing other things and found it to be simply and easily reproducible in a fresh squeak. Reported here for the fearless, intrepid, curious bughunter to persue.

As you can see there was plenty of memory. So something is looping to use it all up.

The following is the Classic.out output.

out of memory

164093128 Behavior>isVariable
164093036 Behavior>basicNew:
164092944 Behavior>basicNew:
164092852 Behavior>basicNew:
164092760 Behavior>basicNew:
164092668 Behavior>basicNew:
164092576 Behavior>basicNew:
164092484 Behavior>basicNew:
164092392 Behavior>basicNew:
164092300 Behavior>basicNew:
164092208 Behavior>basicNew:
164092116 >new:
164092024 EventSensor>fetchMoreEvents
163939464 EventSensor>primKbdPeek
163939372 InputSensor>keyboardPressed
163939280 InputSensor>flushKeyboard
163939188 Debugger>openNotifierContents:label:
163938888 >openInterrupt:onProcess:
163938796 >interruptName:preemptedProcess:
163938704 >interruptName:
163928716 [] in SystemDictionary>handleUserInterrupt
163928808 [] in BlockContext>newProcess

child of 0005124new  SystemWindows is ripe for a refactoring. 

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