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4699 Morphic minor always 09-03-06 05:41 09-06-06 00:09
new 3.9  
0004699: [Bug] In 7055 Collapsing a tilted System Window does not update the screen correctly.
For this one.

Get a workspace.
Uing the blue halo tilt it 30-45 degrees.
Now press the collapse button on the workspace title.

Where did it go?

Open and close a world menu near the top left of the display window.

If you have done this in the right place you will see a tilted collapsed workspace window.

Pressing the (un)collapse button on the window restores the tilted workspace to its original position.
This is freshly discovered so I have not checked how far back this problem goes. It has the feel of an oldie.

The problem is obviously that the damaged rectangle in the location of the collapsed tilted workspace is not getting updated properly.

See also 0004677 for another collapse related bug.
child of 0005124new  SystemWindows is ripe for a refactoring. [^] (1,518 bytes) 09-06-06 00:04

09-06-06 00:09   

Which fixes the problem by adding a 'self changed' at the appropriate time and place.

It fixes the symptom for this one bug.

see 0004700 for more difficulties with system windows.