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0005212: In 7061 When using halos center of rotation direction arrow gets somewhat confused.
For this one.
In a fresh 7061 from objects get an object (I used an ellipse)

Call up halos. Rotate the object. ( The center of rotation circle appears and the green direction arrow appears.)
Grab the arrow head and move it around. (The tail of the arrow is in the center of rotation)
Now without dismissing halos pick up the ellipse by mousing on it an drag it a good distance elsewhere (halos are present around the object. The center of rotation and direction arrow look as you would expect.)

Now grab the head of the direction arrow again. The tail of the arrow is not in the center of rotation but in the old location of that center from before the object was moved.)
Release the arrow and grab it again and the tail is now in the current center of rotation.

This is also how things work in 6665. (Though the arrow is harder to grab because the ellipse obscures it.)

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