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5221 Morphic minor always 10-11-06 02:50 10-11-06 02:50
new 3.10  
0005221: [Bug] An empty polygon with a translucent border draws the wrong shadow.
For this one
In a fresh 7061
From objects get a polygon.

Using the halos make it large.
Recolor the inside transparent.

Now lift the polygon (note the shape of its shadow is the shape of the border.)

Using the redmenu>borderStyle>borderColor make the bordercolor a translucent color ( you may want to make the border thicker first for more dramatic effect).

Now lift the polygon by its border. Note the border shadow has disappeared and the shadow is now shape of the (transparent) interior.

This is not what one would expect.

Something somewhere gets confused as to what shadow to show.

While I haven't checked older images this is probably an ancient bug.

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