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5361 Morphic minor always 11-04-06 10:58 08-21-08 15:28
closed 3.10  
none 3.10  
0005361: To reduce the unimplemented calls remove catagory Morph>slots-wonderland
See 0004544 for the start of this cleanup project.

in 7066 10 unimplemented calls are due to one catagory of morphic.
Apparently there as an interface to wonderland. this can be easily and cleanly remove until such time as wonderland.
And it should not be in the base image.
I have uploaded here the changeset that does the actual removal.

I've also uploaded a snapshot of the catagory before its removal. (So there is a record of it against the day it has to be reloaded).

child of 0004544closed  In 7054 there are 194 unimplementedCalls including some that look like they might be important 
 FogMethodsRemoval-wiz.1.cs [^] (11,610 bytes) 11-04-06 10:58 [^] (1,420 bytes) 11-04-06 11:05

11-04-06 11:07   
Hmm. Apparently I meant Player>>slots-wonderland for the catagory being removed.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace
03-30-07 13:43   
This now is 7070UnimplCleaup.cs and is the first update for 3.10.
Thanks Jerome !