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5378 Morphic minor always 11-08-06 04:41 11-08-06 04:41
new 3.9  
0005378: In 7066 (and before) menu icons will not work for forms deph < 32 due to fixAlpha problems
For this one
In a workspace do:
Forms allInstances explore.

in the explorer
Toggle the root to open it.

This produces a pretty good catalog of forms.
Note that all forms below depth of 32 have a blank icon.

Note several forms of depth 32 are also blank.

In the evaluation space below explored list type

self fixAlpha.

select explorer item 92
evaluate the self fixAlpha
close and reopen the root item (to refresh the explorer.)
notice that item 92 now has a visible icon.

You can try this with 93 and 94 also.

There are a few aspects to the problem.

1) Where do you need to add a fixAlpha so that icons always show the correct picture for all forms.

2) This also affects snapview snapshots.
(From supplies get a picture morph and try to take a snapview snapshot.)

3) Is there someplace close to the source of the problem that can be patched to fix this w/o making casual users have do be aware of the problem?

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