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5466 Morphic minor always 11-20-06 01:39 11-20-06 01:39
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0005466: Squeak oxymorons: Evaluating "FlexMorph new isFlexMorph" returns false
For this one
in a workspace evaluate:

FlexMorph new isFlexMorph
also try
FlexMorph new isRenderer
FlexMorph is a subclass of SketchMorph and used in the context of BookMorph mostly.

I present it here because I am somewhat tickled by the thought that it wouldn't be itself.

This is not really a problem per se.

However it points to a MAJOR bug. Squeak has not taken the time to do serious refactoring of Morphic. Its been always promised and never done.

The design debt that has accumulated can be seen in the number of different ways that have been developed to do the same thing.* And the way that normal language usage, which aids understanding whats going on, has been neglected.

All this makes Morphic hard to maintain into the future.

This can not be swept under the with the assumption that tweak or morphic 3.0 will replace morphic. They are a long way from being able to do what morphic does now. And they will face essentially the same problems unless they to find a method to address the design debt.

*In particular, thumbnails and rendering morphs, button action schemes, and a thing or two else that do not come to mind right now.

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