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5501 Kernel major always 11-23-06 20:06 11-23-06 20:10
new 3.9  
0005501: Changeset / ClassBuilder / SystemChangeNotification
This bug was raised by Andreas a while ago on the mailing list. From that mail:

I am suspecting there is an issue with traits registration due to the copy of the original class you are creating in ClassBuilder. Which seems to be required by the notification mechanism but strikes me as conflicting by definition, since it asks for both, the old *and* the new class to be accessible at the same time. Which, by virtue of the invariants guaranteed in ClassBuilder, should never ever happen (and I am VERY suspicious of just throwing incomplete copies of classes around).
 ClassBuilderNotificationFix.1.cs [^] (39,969 bytes) 11-23-06 20:10

11-23-06 20:08   
I (Roel Wuyts) uploaded a fix for the issue reported here. If one of you can check whether this is ok now...