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5511 Morphic minor always 11-26-06 09:45 12-01-06 09:26
new 3.9  
0005511: Saving a project to disk with the new preference Browser brings up a caution.
For this one in a fresh 7067
Delete the 3 workspace windows.
From the world menu get a new preferences browser. (Item 1 submenu 1)
From the world menu request save project to disk
answer yes to saving changed code.
After gathering resources and half way thru publishing a caution box
inform that an image segment references instance variables and may not reload if the class is reshaped.
Do you want to continue or stop and look around.

This is not a particularly informative message. And a daunting thing to come accross.

It needs either to be
more informative. (e.g. delete the preference browser before saving the project.)
Not there. (just default to continuing)
Just informative. (Warn and continue anyway)

Or fixed.

It should not be left as is.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace

12-01-06 09:26   
I get the same error message if an open (collaped) filelist2 is in the project.

So I am now leaning to the remedy being a more informative message.

"Suggest you delete any preference browsers or filelist before saving to simplify project loading and increase the chances of loading sucessfully."

Also how do you find a more complete list of what causes the message?

Yours in service, __ Jerome Peace