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5566 Browser tweak always 12-02-06 22:12 12-03-06 04:34
0005566: [Fix][Enh] TestBrowser's open failure/error in TestBrowser opens a new TestBrowser
I recently selected a failure in one of my test suites while using the
TestBrowser. The context menu offers to browse the test in a system
browser or the test browser. I selected the test browser and to my
surprise a new test browser was opened instead of the one I was in.
So, I patched the "offending" method:

browseFullOnClass: testClass selector: selector browser: browserClass

  browserClass = self class
    ifTrue: [self
      setClass: (self lookupImplementorOfSelector: selector from: testClass)
      selector: selector]
    ifFalse: [browserClass
      fullOnClass: (self lookupImplementorOfSelector: selector from: testClass)
      selector: selector]

12-03-06 04:34   
Hi Jason,

Thanks for starting the report.
It would be good to upload a fileout of the fixed method s.t. others can
download and try it easily.

It would also be good to have a test for which this is a fix.. Something to check the number of test browsers in the relevant contexts. It should fail in a fresh image until the fix has been installed then it should pass.

Cheers - Jerome Peace