SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

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5641 Tools minor always 12-16-06 13:41 01-10-09 01:53
@60@ 3.9  
0005641: Cannot override default presentation of Methods in a MethodBrowser
MethodBrowser uses a MessageSet for its method list.

The initialization of the MessageSet always creates a new set of MethodReferences with a set 'stringVersion'.

This prevents a user supplying a list of MethodReferences with bespoke strings.


In browsing testCases it would be useful to indicate the testcase class and the class the test method is actually implemented in.

MyTestCase>>#testMyTest (inherited from HisTestCase)

related to 0006402closed  In 7081 Recent browser is very broken. 
related to 0006691@70@  Selector Browser (Method finder): unable to select a result 
child of 0007110new  Mother of Method Finder issues 
 MethodBrowserImprovements.1.cs [^] (1,718 bytes) 12-16-06 13:43 [^] (534 bytes) 04-12-07 12:11
 RecentChanges.2.cs [^] (3,909 bytes) 04-28-07 11:24

12-16-06 13:47   
Changed MethodReference


stringVersion is set anyway.


stringVersion is left as nil, but stringVersionDefault is used if needed by

Changed MessageSet to use the supplied MethodReferences, setting the stringVersion if none is given.

"fix begin"
Installer mantis bug: 5641 fix: 'MethodBrowserImprovements.1.cs'.
Installer mantis bug: 5641 fix: 'RecentChanges.2.cs'.
"fix end"

04-01-07 14:22   
This now is 7075MethodBrowserImprovements.cs and was in updates for 3.10
Thanks Keith !
04-10-07 09:37   
Keith , you must see Jerome report at [^]
I must revert to previous version of changed methods

04-28-07 20:55   
Hi Keith,

What contexts are your RecentChanges.2.cs supposed to be applied?

Please remember that testers other than yourself do not have that context unless you supply it. Is this for 7067 or 7092 or ... or all of the above or none of the above?

04-28-07 23:26   
This bug report at the top of the page says it is for 3.9, so 3.9 it is, thats the context.

On the other bug report page, you raised the problem in 3.10. The fact is this is a patch for 3.9, which Edgar kindly applied to 3.10. So if I attempt to improve the patch, I am not responsible for its final integration into 3.10, I still see the context as this bug report which is 3.9 centric because this is actually used in 3.9, so there is no point in producing a 3.10 only patch.

RecentChanges.2.cs is for 3.9, if you want to check it out in 3.10, then ignore the irrelevant bits. Sorry but I am tired and fed up. I have removed all of my comments from the other bug report page, because I think that the duplication is counter productive.
Damien Cassou   
07-15-07 13:49   
Using the selector browser in a 3.10 7121 image raises an error.

This is because #stringVersion is sent in SelectorBrowser>>markMatchingClasses, but it returns nil instead of a string.

This makes the tool not as useful as it was.

The bug must be corrected.

07-17-07 14:14   
Damien, I thought this has been fixed in my submission recentChanges.2.cs if not then all that has to change is to send #asStringOrText instead of #stringVersion
Damien Cassou   
07-17-07 14:23   
RecentChanges.2 corrects the bug. Would be cool to have in 3.10.
07-17-07 16:42   
The most recent "RecentChanges" seem to be in the parent report.

Also as this upgrade has already caused problems once, I highly recommend there be tests to prove it does not still offend.

I would not even recommend attempting this fix without the tests.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
nicolas cellier   
09-24-07 22:28   
See also [^] which certainly has some duplicated patch

Damien Cassou   
10-10-07 12:40   
Reminder sent to: edgardec

Don't forget this bug!