SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

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5669 Tools feature always 12-23-06 06:21 04-18-10 22:06
> 1 month 3.10.2bc  
0005669: Workspace openFile: convenience method
There is no convenience method for opening a workspace on text.

Nor is there a way of saving a file such that it opens a workspace.

And Workspace always adds '.text' to the name even if it already has it
related to 0002993closed MarcusDenker [Bug] UIManager opening Workspace window w/o the proper model. 
related to 0004654closed KenCausey In 7054 the workspace bug reported in Mantis 0002993 has reappeared. 
 Workspace-openFile.1.cs [^] (9,257 bytes) 12-13-08 04:41
 Workspace-openFile.2.cs [^] (8,662 bytes) 12-15-08 20:11
 M5669-Workspace-openFile.1.cs [^] (8,616 bytes) 12-16-08 13:03
 M5669-Workspace-openFile.2.cs [^] (8,662 bytes) 12-18-08 02:00

12-25-06 08:46   
See 0002993 and the recomplaint #4656.

You can actually ask to put a file in a workspace thusly:

In a file list read a text file.
Using the menu (from the text pane)
select read text into workspace.

The problem is in 3.9 it doesn't quite work. and the fix in 0002993 never got in nor was a substitute fix ever created.

The fix AFAIK works quite well.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace
12-25-06 22:21   
But there are STILL no convenience methods.
12-26-06 01:51   

I piped up because I knew some things that were relevant.

What do you mean by convenience methods?
What do you see. And where do you see it being?

In other words, in positive terms, what is the users story?

The complaint here may make perfect sense to you. But how is the reader to understand what you mean?

Please don't assume I have the same body of knowledge or vocabulary as you. In truth this is the first time I've come across the term "convenience methods" and I am totally at sea (i.e. pretty dang ignorant) as to what special meaning that has in this context.

Yours in curiosity, -- Jerome Peace
10-10-07 23:03   
ok example

A := Workspace open.

is A useful for addressing the workspace?

A := Workspace withContents: 'test'.
A := Workspace fromFile: 'test.txt'. etc
10-12-07 04:39   
Hi Keith,

Your examples start to get there. What I really want to see is the user story in the form

context: I wanted to do this( where you descirbe this generally and specifially enough that you give the reader of what you want)

problem: Why this can't be done yet

solution: Add these methods to here and its done. (Be inclusive of most all you want done.)

Then later you or others can upload the solution code.
04-10-08 05:04   
Here's an example of how to read text from a file into an appropriately named Workspace so you can use the Workspace windowbar menu to save the contents of the Workspace back into the same file easily.

(SHWorkspace new openLabel: 'myWorkspace') contents: ((FileStream fileNamed: 'myWorkspace.text') contentsOfEntireFile); changed: #contents.
12-11-08 16:49   
"fix begin"
Installer mantis bug: 5669 fix: 'M5669-Workspace-openFile.2.cs'.
"fix end"

12-11-08 17:42   
w := Workspace openFile: 'Readme.txt'.
w label: 'Welcome to...'.
12-13-08 01:47   
Included Workspace-openFile.1.cs in 081214-0249-Squeak3.10.2bc-beta

Workspace-openFile.2.cs - adds "open..." menu item to provide a file opening UI.

12-18-08 02:00   
allow to cancel out of opening a file