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5693 Kernel minor always 01-02-07 13:38 01-06-07 03:32
new 3.9  
0005693: ScaledDecimal printString truncates rather than rounds, giving some surprising results.
When a floating point number is converted to ScaledDecimal, rounding erros can cause printString can give odd results, eg.

(1.23 asScaledDecimal:2) printString

gives "1.22s2"

Is this really what it should be doing?
Questions over issue seem to have existed when ScaledDecimal was written; ScaledDecimalTest<<testPrintString contains the comment:

"The printed representation of a ScaledDecimal is truncated, not rounded.
Not sure if this is right, so this test describes the current Squeak implementation.
If someone knows a reason that rounding would be preferable, then update
this test."
related to 0006696assigned andreas ScaledDecimal can read in base 16 but cannot print in base 16 

nicolas cellier   
01-06-07 03:32   
For information, both VW and Dolphin do a rounded print.
didn't see much about printString in the standard... ( [^]

Answer a string that is a valid literal representation that approximates the numeric value of the

Both rounding and truncating are compliant...