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new 3.9  
0005724: In 7067 manually editing an Etoys script prevents the project from being reloaded.
For this one:

in a fresh 6067 open a new morphic project

get an object from objects.( I used a rectangle)

get the scripting window and pull out the turn by 5 tile phrase.

drop it (you get script1 turn by 5)

set the act when to mouseup.
verify that mousing up on the rectangle makes it rotate.

remove the scripting stuff by pressing the collapse (o) keys on the script and flap window.
(You should now have a lone rectangle on the screen.)

from the world menu save the project.
it will ask you for a name for the project
then it will save.

now exit w/o saving and restart
with another fresh squeak 7067

read in the project.
verify the rectangle rotates.

get the viewer for the rectangle and drag out script1

it should open for editing.

Click on the square box so it shows the script in words not tiles.

between the self and turn type a space (to mark it as changed) and cmd-s to accept.(squeak will ask for your initials.)
Note that we have made any actual change to the code just caused it to be saved w/ your initials.

again save the project to disk.
exit w/o saving and
restart a fresh squeak.

try loading the second project.

instead of loading the debug window will come up with the dnu.

If you look at a dual change sorter the code change does not appear in the projects change set. Nor anywhere else that I can tell.

This started out as 0005720 thanks to the sharp eyes of jreyes.

Please note that the above procedure will work in 3.8 but not in 3.9.

I am not sure exactly when it was broken. squeak-6680 had the problem but the error message was different.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace

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