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0005878: [RFE] Wanted ChangeSet>>#packagesInfluenced
See parent issue.

Basicly given a ChangeSet Return a list of all the MC packages affected by the changes therein.
This is what Ralph suggested is needed for 3dot10 or beyond.

I have looked into this and to do it right would take more sure knowledge of what is going on in changesets and package info than I have at present. So I am hoping someone more knowledgable will take it on.

While it may be easy to determine given a class or method the current package catagory, determining what happens when package catagories are changed (particularly for methods). Or which packages are affected when a class is reorganized is tricky.

To do that requires infomation about the history of things.

Also there is the question of what does one do if someone assigns methods or classes to packages that have not been made official yet?

E.G. just after you assign a class to a never been used before catagory.
Or reassign a method to an invented *catagory.

It seems to me that these are the very gaps and bugs that the non-interoperability of changesets and packages need to have solved.

So as I am a stickler for things (I am a hunter and tracker down of fencepost errors no one else seems bothered by) doing a rough approximation of #packagesInfluenced is not something I am comfortable with. And it would take me way long to get wise enough to do things "properly"

I've added this as a separate report. And I invite those who want to help ralph achieve what he wants for 3dot10 to find a solution.

Your assistance is requested.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace

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