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5905 Compiler minor always 02-01-07 21:24 05-12-14 19:58
nicolas cellier  
resolved 3.9  
none trunk  
0005905: please let class vars shadow globals
Currently the system refuses to load two packages where one defines a global variable and the other a class variable. This causes an immediate total failure for any unfortunate person who runs into it. While this kind of error may make sense for monolithic image, it is problematic for package-ized development. As an example, Exupery 0.10 conflicts with SmallDEVS version 061206, over the variable name "Timer".
related to 0001554resolved  [FIX] ClassVarsFix-petervr-v2 for compiler class var & global var shadowing issue 

nicolas cellier   
05-12-14 19:58   
This was fixed a long time ago, probably together with related issue 1554