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5929 Tools major N/A 02-03-07 23:10 02-04-07 00:23
new 3.10  
0005929: The #reorganize message is in dangerous confilct with the need to keep package catagories intact
When a catagory is changed in a class a change record is generated.

When a changeset with that record is filed out all the catagories of the class are filed out in the reorganization not just the ones changed.

If the changeset is not harvested immediately then the chances that the filed out reorganization is out of sync with the organization in the image it is filed into will be huge.
The most important classes (Object, Morph) will be the most vulerable.

This is probably the most major problem in making cs safe to interoperate with MC packages.

Essentially by being sensitive to method catagory names MC breaks change sets.

If this is repaired then a good deal of the interoperability problems might be solved.

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