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6086 Files minor always 02-15-07 03:49 04-18-10 21:59
closed 3.9  
none 3.10.2bc  
0006086: Cannot use CrLfFileStream on '/dev/stdout'
In the process of #detectLineEndConvention a primitive fails trying to obtain the position of '/dev/stdout'.

child of 0007423new  Fixes included in Level Playing Field 
 MultiByteFileStream.1.cs [^] (779 bytes) 02-15-07 04:21
 MultiByteFileStream-M6086.2.cs [^] (779 bytes) 01-19-09 20:11
 M6086-MultiByteFileStream.3.cs [^] (827 bytes) 03-01-09 15:52

02-15-07 04:23   

enables user to explicitly specify the lineEndConvention as an argument to #wantsLineEndConversion: doing so bypasses #detectLineEndConvention.
01-19-09 20:13   
The previous changeset had an underscore assignment, and so won't load in Croquet

"fix begin"
Installer mantis bug: 6086 fix: 'MultiByteFileStream-M6086.2.cs'.
"fix end"
03-01-09 02:03   
Cleaner implementation, if you want a particular line end convention you can set it. #lineEndConvention:
For tests - File-Test package in squeaksource/Rio

"fix begin"
Installer mantis bug: 6086 fix: 'M6086-MultiByteFileStream.3.cs'.
"fix end"

11-22-09 03:03   
Loading this fix into trunk causes all file IO to get into an emergency evaluator
11-22-09 19:59   
I'm confused, I thought Andreas had already loaded into Trunk all of the stuff marked on this site for 3.10.2bc and 3.11, at least the first.
11-22-09 20:36   
The trunk doesn't have this change, but it has other changes which conflict with this one. As I said on IRC, someone has to review all of LPF's changes/fixes and decide if
- the change is already included
- the change is not included, but should be included
- the change is not included, but needs to be rewritten to be included
- the change is not included and should not be included
AFAIK the trunk is built on top of 3.10.2-7179.
nicolas cellier   
11-27-09 21:32   
I added a trunk compatible version [^]
11-28-09 02:30   
I listed all the fixes included in LPF at 0007423 if anyone wants to review them