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6175 Monticello tweak always 02-20-07 00:29 02-20-07 00:29
assigned 3.9  
0006175: image contains an MCDirectoryRepository instance that is a local file
The image distributed for 3.9 contains the singleton class MCRepositoryGroup.
That class has a class instance variable "default" that referencs the current instance. That instance has an instance variable "repositories", which is an ordered collection.

The 4th element of that collection is a MCDirectoryRepository(OSX:Data:SqueakToTestScripts:sm:cache:packages:9p654jiwppck8xlc6jw26fvro:8)

This is bogus, and should be removed before the next version of the system is snaped.
Something like the following needs to be executed in an update

| invalidRepositories |
invalidRepositories := (MCRepositoryGroup default instVarNamed: 'repositories') reject: [:each | each isValid ].
invalidRepositories do: [ :each | MCRepositoryGroup default removeRepository: each]

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