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6290 Kernel tweak always 03-04-07 10:11 03-04-07 10:16
new 3.10  
0006290: [Enh] Gridding generalized to include hex and triangular grids.
Presently squeak only allows simple square grids.

Other styles of gridding are useful.

Simple additions to point allow for easy specification of generalized grids.
This one came out nice.

See the uploaded gif for illustrations of what is possible.

I will upload the code shortly.

It is essentially done. The packaging needs some thinking about.

It depends on rounding and truncations repairs that got snuck into the morphic package but rightly belong in the kernel.

I will need to think about that when I am fresh.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace
 Six grids.gif [^] (5,364 bytes) 03-04-07 10:11
 Six_Grids.morph [^] (14,194 bytes) 03-04-07 10:16

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