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6387 minor always 03-30-07 14:48 04-01-07 03:49
0006387: Embedding flag gets lost
I draw a rectangle, embed any object. ok, works. Moving this already embedded object around in its parent, makes parent to loose this embedded object, so that i have to embed it again.

My suggestion is, that it keeps its embedded state and looses this state, when dragging it out of the parent ... In connection with designing GUI of database (book) that nerves me a lot!


04-01-07 03:49   
Hi Guido,

Glad to see someone willing to use Mantis to report problems.

Please consider. For anything useful to happen from the report someone has to read it and understand it. Further they have to have confidence that they can recreate the problem. Else they will just spend time guessing what the problem is. This is time consuming and free time can not afford to be consumed unpurposefully.


I usually ask for a simple formula for reaching the problem


From a fresh squeak 3.9 6067 image

from objects get two morphs

then describe how you embed them (red halo menu?)

and how you moved them around.


From your description my guess would be you used the black grab halo to pick up the morph (which removes it from what you embedded it in and puts it in the hand which is now its new owner.)
The brown handle causes the object to be moved around without changing owners. It is also possible that you did something else so I look forward to your description of the exact problem.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace