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new 3.10  
0006403: In 7081 preference browser: typing a search string gets gets the letters in the wrong order.
For this one:
From the world menu first item get a (new style) preference browser.

in the search string box start typing in a search string.

If you type fast enoung the string will appear in the wrong order.

If you type slow you will notice that the cursor keeps being reset to the start of the line rather than staying at the end.
This is a particularly annoying bug.

I have not check earlier systems to find out if it occurs there but I don't remember having problems with it before.
child of 0006552new  in 7108 typing in a file pane causes a error 

04-12-07 09:28   
The problem exists in 3.9 7067
04-15-07 04:47   
another data point

In a fresh 7067.
delete the 3 workspace windows
from the world menu get a preference browser (of the new kind)
in the search window
type b
the hold down the a key so that it auto repeats.

This demonstrates the problem.
On my imac 400hz running OS9.1 I get
a series of a's followed by ba
inotherwords the cursor goes back to the beginning when the auto repeat starts. it also goes back sometime during the auto repeat typically I will have a bunch of a's before the cursor followed by 6-10 a's after then the final ba.
This is not always repeatable.

If on the other hand I type characters slowly the sequence rarely gets out of order.

So the problem seems to be timing and race related.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace
04-15-07 23:57   
further investigation

in the preference browser example in my previous note.

put halos around the preference browser and hone in to the search window.
make a copy of just the search window with the green handle.

(The timing problem does not occur and the text +is always appended.)

get an event recorder from objects.

record and in the duplicated search window type a 'b' followed by auto repeat a's

stop the recorder.
clear the window.
play back the events (all characters are appended)

now more the preference browser so that the original search window is were over the duplicated one (this means the events are sent to it )

play back. And the problem reappears.

so something is sometimes screwing up the selectionInterval when the events happen too quickly and the updates are actually happening.

I played with moving the mouse as I held the a key down. Moving the mouse over and out of the field would increase the likelyhood of the insertion point going back to the beginning of the line.

So one problem is that the insertion point is not remembered over a loss of focus.

The second is that keyboard focus is lost. when it maybe should not be.

This is a deep problem and perhaps not worth the solving.

One thing that would help get around the annoying part of the problem would be to simplify the interation. Not search incrementally but only upon cr.

On the otherhand the initialization looked like it tried to do that an got ignored. (so a third bug).

Yours in curiosity and service, -Jerome Peace