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6429 Morphic major always 04-18-07 20:22 09-08-08 17:37
closed 3.10  
none 3.10  
0006429: [Fix ] Test suite could not run tests because they didn't follow naming convention.
Some tests I wrote did not follow the Test Suite convention of starting runnable methods with 'test*'
The tests worked when hand invoked but would not run as a suite.

I was not aware of the convention when I wrote the original tests.

So I have renamed them and added them below.

When they finally run they detected two bugs.

One is the workspace bug I am still trying to get fixed.

The other was a missed patch for T...Morph>#heanding:

I will include that here and also in its own report.

So three change sets.
1) add the correctly named tests.
2) remove the old incorrectly named tests
3) patch for the #heading bug (included here for convience of harvesters)
related to 0005567closed  hand targetOffset has been misused more times than it has been used correctly. 
related to 0005619closed wiz {Fix] [Test] In 7067 (and before) sending #heading to a TransformationMorph w/o a rendee recurses infinitly 
related to 0004654closed KenCausey In 7054 the workspace bug reported in Mantis 0002993 has reappeared. 
 testRenameFix-wiz.1.cs [^] (4,027 bytes) 04-18-07 20:22
 removeOldTests-wiz.1.cs [^] (737 bytes) 04-18-07 20:23
 setHeadingFix-wiz.1.cs [^] (487 bytes) 04-18-07 20:23
 MoreTestRenameFixes.1.cs [^] (462 bytes) 06-12-07 00:38

06-12-07 00:41   

from preamble:
Misnamed #setUp in MorphicUIBugTest fixed here and #setup removed.

All four uploads should be used when fixing things.
07-12-07 18:03   
This is 7116setHeadingFix-wiz-1.1.cs now, thanks Jerome
09-08-08 17:37   
harvested as update 7116 and release in 3.10