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6433 Morphic minor always 04-20-07 08:00 04-21-07 10:20
0006433: bug in IndentingListItemMorph>>drawLinesOn
the error is in this part of method:
clippedCanvas isVisible: submorph nextSibling

isVisible expects a Rectange to be passed as param, while
"submorph nextSibling" returns a Morph, which does not understand #origin message.

the fix is simple, replace string before by following:
clippedCanvas isVisible: submorph nextSibling fullBounds
-- [^] (705 bytes) 04-21-07 10:18

04-21-07 04:51   
Hi Sig

Thank you for finding the bug.

The next step would be to upload a changeset (or method fileout) with the fix. That gives the harvesters something to work with and the rest of us something to try out.

The even better way to help is to also write a sunit test. The test should fail before the patch and pass afterwords. Tests are not that hard to make. Look at the system catagory Tests-Bugs for examples.

Again thanks for your enthusiam and keen powers of observation.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
04-21-07 10:20   
sorry i mistaken, pointing to wrong class, please fix it on SimpleHierarchicalListMorph>>drawLinesOn:

the fixed method in the attachment