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new 3.9  
0006444: Browser hangs when accepting a new class
1. Mac OS (10.4.9), PowerPC
2. Current (3.9) MacOS download.
3. Open a MVC Project
4. Enter a new Class
5. Attempt to bring up menue (Control-Mouse click)

No menu and system won't accept inputs.

Best way to exit is to go to the pull-down menu bar to select "Quit without saving".
Have down loaded the current version several times. Same problem.
Downloaded 3.8 and no problems.
related to 0005309closed andreas [Bug][Fix] Under certain conditions returning from a MVC project will hang indefinitely. 

04-23-07 18:42   
04-24-07 05:00   
Try the fix in 0005309 and report back if that fixes the problem or not.

The fix might not be related but on the other hand it might.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
10-09-07 04:18   
On relooking at this report I realize you did not give a formula for producing the bug. What specifically did you do?

What is the simplist way starting from a fresh 3.9 image to recreate the problem. I.E. to break things.

And what specific fresh 3.9 system are we talking about here? I assume it is 6665 but please check the version to be sure. Thanx.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace