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nicolas cellier  
0006455: [BUG] Interval includes: is weird
Try this:

(0 to: Float pi by: Float pi / 100) includes: Float pi * (3/100)

Answer is false.
I do agree with this result, because Float cannot be tested for equality due to inexact arithmetic.

However, if you look at includes: implementation, you will see some machinery intended to make the answer true is failing.
Why the code does not work:

Float pi * (3/100) / (Float pi /100) is (inexactly) 2.9999... , thus fractional part is greater than 1.0e-10 step.

Should behaviour be different from super ?

This is arguable...

(0 to: Float pi by: Float pi / 100) asArray includes: (Float pi * 14)/100.
  "is false"
(0 to: Float pi by: Float pi / 100) includes: (Float pi * 14)/100.
  "is true"
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child of 0007002new  The Mother of all issues involving interval 

nicolas cellier   
04-29-07 14:37   
While focusing on Float case, i did not see this:
code is completely broken for negative step, try:

(10 to: 1 by: -1) includes: 2. "answer is false..."

And this is exactly 0001603

nicolas cellier   
09-09-08 19:49   
Since this is a duplicate of 0001603, it should be closed.
09-10-08 17:38   
closing duplicate, see 0001603