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6551 Hedgehog major always 06-30-07 16:56 06-30-07 16:56
0006551: rendering problems since introduction of TUpdatingMesh
With Croquet SDK (Hedgehog) I am having problems with regards to rendering any TUpdatingMesh instances.
For example when running 'MPEG Demo (Master)' I get the mpeg TWindow without its TWindowFrame (a subclass of TUpdatingMesh -> TMesh -> TFrame) but with its TWindowButtons (a subclass of TGroup -> TFrame).
I do not get as well anything rendered when I define a space with just a TCube (but the instance is there when I 'explore' the world...)

Running 'MPEG Demo (Master)' in Squeak3D.log I get the following error messages (one instance of the first, 4 of the last):
ERROR (file ../../../platforms/Win32/plugins/B3DAcceleratorPlugin/sqWin32OpenGL.c, line 649): a GL function failed -- GL_INVALID_ENUM
ERROR (file ../../../platforms/Cross/plugins/B3DAcceleratorPlugin/sqOpenGLRenderer.c, line 395): a GL function failed -- GL_INVALID_ENUM

I had a look at the VM source code but could not make anything out of it.
My laptop is quite old and its graphics capabilities are quite miserable (see also my report on OpenGL>>glLoadTransposeMatrixf: and OpenGL>>glMultTransposeMatrixf: in <>) [^] so the problem could be due to the use of latest and greatest OpenGL features. If this is the case I have no hope other than buying a new machine !-(

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