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0006603: GradientFillMorph must be put to rest
GradientFillMorph must be put to rest

GradientFillMorph is obsolete.
It is also built into the morphic landscape in methods that persist since 2002.
So it seems to be pinned into the system.

the main interface is #setGradientColor:
which is also implemented in PasteUpMorph

because it is used in #setGradientColor
which appears in the world>appearance menu.

so I am proposing that there be a better way to set the worlds background appearance and the menu item be eliminated.
then the selector gets tossed

Then the morph.

The only class ref to the morph class is
'jm 11/13/97 10:32 SmartRefStream gradientFillbosfcepbbfgcc0 {conversion}' which has no senders.

    ^ GradientFillMorph
So is this necessary? In what context will this selector be come across?

My bet is that no project or stream that references this morph will ever be readable into a current squeakdev squeak anyway.

It seems to me it would be some work but not a whole lot to clean this up.

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08-11-07 21:43   
I agree on this.
Could add to Morphic-CandidatesForGo in repositories and rip of image