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6636 Morphic minor always 08-22-07 04:17 08-22-07 04:25
0006636: Right-click and drag in PluggableListMorph acts on the selected item, rather than the item under the cursor
Select an item in any list morph, then put the mouse over another item and click and drag. You are dragging the selected item, rather than the item under the mouse. This not the behavior of any system I have seen other than Squeak. This is probably because selection is done on mouse up rather than mouse down.
I will admit though, once I figured this behavior out, I really like it, (especially when dragging lots of plugins around in VMMaker), as it allows one to throw the mouse somewhere close to the selection, drag, and have confidence that the correct thing is being dragged without being careful. In spite of that, the behavior should probably be dumped for the far more common paradigm of select on mouse down rather than mouse up
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