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6649 Compiler minor N/A 09-02-07 01:24 09-03-07 22:05
0006649: [RFE] [Code] Request ";;" (double semi) be added to language as a "then" sequencer.
After extensive discussion on the list in July and August 2007
(look at the thread starting with the word pipe)
started by

Fabio Filasieno fabio.filasieno at

and with parser code for implementing the sequencer from

Vassili Bykov smalltalkbigot at

Its time to request action.

The general consensus of those wanting the feature was that
';;' was a good and acceptable form for it.

And with the notion* that having the feature will facilitate making code more readable. I am recommending that it be included in the a release of squeak and be added to our repetoire of syntaxtic sugaring.

There are often times when you would wish to follow a key word message with another message. The usual programming proceedure is to go back select the message; surrounding with parens and add the next message.

Having a double semi sequencer for "and then ...." or "and next..." would make some things easier to read when reviewing the code.

I find this the telling argument though I also look forward to the fact it would make some sequences easier to write.

The more I've thought on it the more I like the idea. So I would like to see it put into action.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
 PipeWithDoubleSemi.1.cs [^] (2,779 bytes) 09-02-07 01:28

09-02-07 01:32   
Uploaded PipeWithDoubleSemi.1.cs for evaluation.

I do not consider this a fix because it includes an alternate form ":>" as well as ";;" and only one form of the sequencer should be commited too.

Also there need to be tests which are not here. That is a job for another day. And maybe I can talk Vassili into following thru on his code.

Cheers -Jer
09-02-07 22:55   
Please do not include this in the main image. It will encourage code that is not ANSI-compliant and add yet more bloat to the compiler.

Instead, make this available via other means:

- An image for download.
- A compiler package, or
- A changeset.
09-03-07 22:05   
Hi mikevdg,

First it needs to exist as a fix and tests. Then where it exists will have to be decided.

An Alpha release image IMO is a good place for it to appear first. It also should be part of the mainstream or there is not much reason for it to exist.

In any event the reports purpose is to prepare it for inclusion. Where and when it gets included depends on the taste of the release teams. I hope for the best.

As far as being in the current standard well...

"The difference between genius and idocy is one of time. In the end no one listens to idocy, in the beginning no one listens to genius."

Good ideas are controversial and need time to be accepted. (or not).


Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace