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666 Compiler major always 12-14-04 22:49 01-07-05 20:09
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0000666: Variable spelling correction fails if SharedPool used by class or parents
The spelling correction code assumes shared poools are dictionaires. They aren't. Thus the code in Class>possibleVariablesFor:continuedFrom: fails because #keysDo: is not understood by a SharedPool.

The attached change fixes that with asimple method but I suggest that this is a temporary fix until someone has time to finally make all the shared pools into SharedPool classes, then fix the problem properly.

The attached does at least stop a crash.
 SharedPoolSpellingFix.1.cs.gz [^] (629 bytes) 12-14-04 22:51

12-16-04 04:17   
As the only other person likely to have looked at the SharedPools code, your opinion would be appreciated. I think a simple fix is needed for 3.8 so if you agree withthis jsut resolve it and let;s get the code in there.
12-16-04 06:31   
Agreed. It's a simple enough fix and although I don't like it that much it is definitely less intrusive than fixing the senders or somesuch (and then I am even unsure if I'd know how to fix the senders).
12-16-04 07:40   
Best resolution is to add the attached change to the update stream asap. This causes a compiler crash any time a variable is misspelled in a clas with a shared pool in its inheritance tree. Not a happy thing to have around.
01-07-05 20:09