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assigned 3.9  
0006669: VM callback implementation
Andreas provided VM changes to support callbacks
child of 0006671closed tim Build VMMaker for 3.9 

09-12-07 22:58   
from [^] -

Hi Folks -

Attached my proposed changes for both, the variable tracking as well as
the callback support. I'll respond in the individual threads about more
specific issues; let's leave this one to discuss the more "mechanical"
issues if there are any. Included files:

- ExtraGCRoots.cs: The change set for tracking variables in plugins
- Callbacks.cs: The change set for VM callback support
- ExampleCallbacks.cs: An example plugin making use of both of the above
- sqVirtualMachine[.h|.c]: The (updated) VM proxy

If you install all of the above and build a complete VM you should be
able to execute the ExampleCallbackPlugin's exampleCallback and
successfully compute 3+4 using a callback.

Let me know if you have any problems.

   - Andreas
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#include <math.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <time.h>
#include "sqVirtualMachine.h"

/*** Function prototypes ***/

/* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'stack access' */
sqInt pop(sqInt nItems);
sqInt popthenPush(sqInt nItems, sqInt oop);
sqInt push(sqInt object);
sqInt pushBool(sqInt trueOrFalse);
sqInt pushFloat(double f);
sqInt pushInteger(sqInt integerValue);
double stackFloatValue(sqInt offset);
sqInt stackIntegerValue(sqInt offset);
sqInt stackObjectValue(sqInt offset);
sqInt stackValue(sqInt offset);

/*** variables ***/

extern sqInt (*compilerHooks[])();
extern sqInt setCompilerInitialized(sqInt flagValue);

/* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'object access' */
sqInt argumentCountOf(sqInt methodPointer);
void *arrayValueOf(sqInt oop);
sqInt byteSizeOf(sqInt oop);
void *fetchArrayofObject(sqInt fieldIndex, sqInt objectPointer);
sqInt fetchClassOf(sqInt oop);
double fetchFloatofObject(sqInt fieldIndex, sqInt objectPointer);
sqInt fetchIntegerofObject(sqInt fieldIndex, sqInt objectPointer);
sqInt fetchPointerofObject(sqInt index, sqInt oop);
/* sqInt fetchWordofObject(sqInt fieldIndex, sqInt oop); *
 * has been rescinded as of VMMaker 3.8 and the 64bitclean VM *
 * work. To support old plugins we keep a valid function in *
 * the same location in the VM struct but rename it to *
 * something utterly horrible to scare off the natives. A new *
 * equivalent but 64 bit valid function is added as *
 * 'fetchLong32OfObject' */
sqInt obsoleteDontUseThisFetchWordofObject(sqInt index, sqInt oop);
sqInt fetchLong32ofObject(sqInt index, sqInt oop);
void *firstFixedField(sqInt oop);
void *firstIndexableField(sqInt oop);
sqInt literalofMethod(sqInt offset, sqInt methodPointer);
sqInt literalCountOf(sqInt methodPointer);
sqInt methodArgumentCount(void);
sqInt methodPrimitiveIndex(void);
sqInt primitiveMethod(void);
sqInt primitiveIndexOf(sqInt methodPointer);
sqInt sizeOfSTArrayFromCPrimitive(void *cPtr);
sqInt slotSizeOf(sqInt oop);
sqInt stObjectat(sqInt array, sqInt index);
sqInt stObjectatput(sqInt array, sqInt index, sqInt value);
sqInt stSizeOf(sqInt oop);
sqInt storeIntegerofObjectwithValue(sqInt index, sqInt oop, sqInt integer);
sqInt storePointerofObjectwithValue(sqInt index, sqInt oop, sqInt valuePointer);

/* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'testing' */
sqInt isKindOf(sqInt oop, char *aString);
sqInt isMemberOf(sqInt oop, char *aString);
sqInt isBytes(sqInt oop);
sqInt isFloatObject(sqInt oop);
sqInt isIndexable(sqInt oop);
sqInt isIntegerObject(sqInt objectPointer);
sqInt isIntegerValue(sqInt intValue);
sqInt isPointers(sqInt oop);
sqInt isWeak(sqInt oop);
sqInt isWords(sqInt oop);
sqInt isWordsOrBytes(sqInt oop);
sqInt includesBehaviorThatOf(sqInt aClass, sqInt aSuperClass);
sqInt isArray(sqInt oop);

/* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'converting' */
sqInt booleanValueOf(sqInt obj);
sqInt checkedIntegerValueOf(sqInt intOop);
sqInt floatObjectOf(double aFloat);
double floatValueOf(sqInt oop);
sqInt integerObjectOf(sqInt value);
sqInt integerValueOf(sqInt oop);
sqInt positive32BitIntegerFor(sqInt integerValue);
sqInt positive32BitValueOf(sqInt oop);
sqInt signed32BitIntegerFor(sqInt integerValue);
sqInt signed32BitValueOf(sqInt oop);
sqInt positive64BitIntegerFor(sqLong integerValue);
sqLong positive64BitValueOf(sqInt oop);
sqInt signed64BitIntegerFor(sqLong integerValue);
sqLong signed64BitValueOf(sqInt oop);

/* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'special objects' */
sqInt characterTable(void);
sqInt displayObject(void);
sqInt falseObject(void);
sqInt nilObject(void);
sqInt trueObject(void);

/* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'special classes' */
sqInt classArray(void);
sqInt classBitmap(void);
sqInt classByteArray(void);
sqInt classCharacter(void);
sqInt classFloat(void);
sqInt classLargePositiveInteger(void);
sqInt classLargeNegativeInteger(void);
sqInt classPoint(void);
sqInt classSemaphore(void);
sqInt classSmallInteger(void);
sqInt classString(void);

/* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'instance creation' */
sqInt clone(sqInt oop);
sqInt instantiateClassindexableSize(sqInt classPointer, sqInt size);
sqInt makePointwithxValueyValue(sqInt xValue, sqInt yValue);
sqInt popRemappableOop(void);
sqInt pushRemappableOop(sqInt oop);

/* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'other' */
sqInt becomewith(sqInt array1, sqInt array2);
sqInt byteSwapped(sqInt w);
sqInt failed(void);
sqInt fullDisplayUpdate(void);
sqInt fullGC(void);
sqInt incrementalGC(void);
sqInt primitiveFail(void);
sqInt showDisplayBitsLeftTopRightBottom(sqInt aForm, sqInt l, sqInt t, sqInt r, sqInt b);
sqInt signalSemaphoreWithIndex(sqInt semaIndex);
sqInt success(sqInt aBoolean);
sqInt superclassOf(sqInt classPointer);
sqInt ioMicroMSecs(void);
sqInt forceInterruptCheck(void);
sqInt getThisSessionID(void);
sqInt ioFilenamefromStringofLengthresolveAliases(char* aCharBuffer, char* filenameIndex, sqInt filenameLength, sqInt resolveFlag);
sqInt vmEndianness(void);

/* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'BitBlt support' */
sqInt loadBitBltFrom(sqInt bbOop);
sqInt copyBits(void);
sqInt copyBitsFromtoat(sqInt leftX, sqInt rightX, sqInt yValue);

/* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'FFI support' */
sqInt classExternalAddress(void);
sqInt classExternalData(void);
sqInt classExternalFunction(void);
sqInt classExternalLibrary(void);
sqInt classExternalStructure(void);
sqInt ioLoadModuleOfLength(sqInt moduleNameIndex, sqInt moduleNameLength);
sqInt ioLoadSymbolOfLengthFromModule(sqInt functionNameIndex, sqInt functionNameLength, sqInt moduleHandle);
sqInt isInMemory(sqInt address);

void *ioLoadFunctionFrom(char *fnName, char *modName);

/* Proxy declarations for v1.8 */
sqInt callbackEnter(sqInt *callbackID);
sqInt callbackLeave(sqInt callbackID);
sqInt addGCRoot(sqInt *varLoc);
sqInt removeGCRoot(sqInt *varLoc);

struct VirtualMachine *VM = NULL;

static sqInt majorVersion(void) {
    return VM_PROXY_MAJOR;

static sqInt minorVersion(void) {
    return VM_PROXY_MINOR;

static CompilerHook *compilerHookVector(void) {
  return compilerHooks;

struct VirtualMachine* sqGetInterpreterProxy(void)
    if(VM) return VM;
    VM = (struct VirtualMachine *)calloc(1, sizeof(VirtualMachine));
    /* Initialize Function pointers */
    VM->majorVersion = majorVersion;
    VM->minorVersion = minorVersion;

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'stack access' */
    VM->pop = pop;
    VM->popthenPush = popthenPush;
    VM->push = push;
    VM->pushBool = pushBool;
    VM->pushFloat = pushFloat;
    VM->pushInteger = pushInteger;
    VM->stackFloatValue = stackFloatValue;
    VM->stackIntegerValue = stackIntegerValue;
    VM->stackObjectValue = stackObjectValue;
    VM->stackValue = stackValue;
    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'object access' */
    VM->argumentCountOf = argumentCountOf;
    VM->arrayValueOf = arrayValueOf;
    VM->byteSizeOf = byteSizeOf;
    VM->fetchArrayofObject = fetchArrayofObject;
    VM->fetchClassOf = fetchClassOf;
    VM->fetchFloatofObject = fetchFloatofObject;
    VM->fetchIntegerofObject = fetchIntegerofObject;
    VM->fetchPointerofObject = fetchPointerofObject;
    VM->obsoleteDontUseThisFetchWordofObject = obsoleteDontUseThisFetchWordofObject;
    VM->firstFixedField = firstFixedField;
    VM->firstIndexableField = firstIndexableField;
    VM->literalofMethod = literalofMethod;
    VM->literalCountOf = literalCountOf;
    VM->methodArgumentCount = methodArgumentCount;
    VM->methodPrimitiveIndex = methodPrimitiveIndex;
    VM->primitiveIndexOf = primitiveIndexOf;
    VM->primitiveMethod = primitiveMethod;
    VM->sizeOfSTArrayFromCPrimitive = sizeOfSTArrayFromCPrimitive;
    VM->slotSizeOf = slotSizeOf;
    VM->stObjectat = stObjectat;
    VM->stObjectatput = stObjectatput;
    VM->stSizeOf = stSizeOf;
    VM->storeIntegerofObjectwithValue = storeIntegerofObjectwithValue;
    VM->storePointerofObjectwithValue = storePointerofObjectwithValue;
    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'testing' */
    VM->isKindOf = isKindOf;
    VM->isMemberOf = isMemberOf;
    VM->isBytes = isBytes;
    VM->isFloatObject = isFloatObject;
    VM->isIndexable = isIndexable;
    VM->isIntegerObject = isIntegerObject;
    VM->isIntegerValue = isIntegerValue;
    VM->isPointers = isPointers;
    VM->isWeak = isWeak;
    VM->isWords = isWords;
    VM->isWordsOrBytes = isWordsOrBytes;

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'converting' */
    VM->booleanValueOf = booleanValueOf;
    VM->checkedIntegerValueOf = checkedIntegerValueOf;
    VM->floatObjectOf = floatObjectOf;
    VM->floatValueOf = floatValueOf;
    VM->integerObjectOf = integerObjectOf;
    VM->integerValueOf = integerValueOf;
    VM->positive32BitIntegerFor = positive32BitIntegerFor;
    VM->positive32BitValueOf = positive32BitValueOf;

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'special objects' */
    VM->characterTable = characterTable;
    VM->displayObject = displayObject;
    VM->falseObject = falseObject;
    VM->nilObject = nilObject;
    VM->trueObject = trueObject;
    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'special classes' */
    VM->classArray = classArray;
    VM->classBitmap = classBitmap;
    VM->classByteArray = classByteArray;
    VM->classCharacter = classCharacter;
    VM->classFloat = classFloat;
    VM->classLargePositiveInteger = classLargePositiveInteger;
    VM->classPoint = classPoint;
    VM->classSemaphore = classSemaphore;
    VM->classSmallInteger = classSmallInteger;
    VM->classString = classString;
    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'instance creation' */
    VM->clone = clone;
    VM->instantiateClassindexableSize = instantiateClassindexableSize;
    VM->makePointwithxValueyValue = makePointwithxValueyValue;
    VM->popRemappableOop = popRemappableOop;
    VM->pushRemappableOop = pushRemappableOop;

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'other' */
    VM->becomewith = becomewith;
    VM->byteSwapped = byteSwapped;
    VM->failed = failed;
    VM->fullDisplayUpdate = fullDisplayUpdate;
    VM->fullGC = fullGC;
    VM->incrementalGC = incrementalGC;
    VM->primitiveFail = primitiveFail;
    VM->showDisplayBitsLeftTopRightBottom = showDisplayBitsLeftTopRightBottom;
    VM->signalSemaphoreWithIndex = signalSemaphoreWithIndex;
    VM->success = success;
    VM->superclassOf = superclassOf;

    VM->compilerHookVector= compilerHookVector;
    VM->setCompilerInitialized= setCompilerInitialized;


    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'BitBlt support' */
    VM->loadBitBltFrom = loadBitBltFrom;
    VM->copyBits = copyBits;
    VM->copyBitsFromtoat = copyBitsFromtoat;



    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'FFI support' */
    VM->classExternalAddress = classExternalAddress;
    VM->classExternalData = classExternalData;
    VM->classExternalFunction = classExternalFunction;
    VM->classExternalLibrary = classExternalLibrary;
    VM->classExternalStructure = classExternalStructure;
    VM->ioLoadModuleOfLength = ioLoadModuleOfLength;
    VM->ioLoadSymbolOfLengthFromModule = ioLoadSymbolOfLengthFromModule;
    VM->isInMemory = isInMemory;
    VM->signed32BitIntegerFor = signed32BitIntegerFor;
    VM->signed32BitValueOf = signed32BitValueOf;
    VM->includesBehaviorThatOf = includesBehaviorThatOf;
    VM->classLargeNegativeInteger = classLargeNegativeInteger;



    VM->ioLoadFunctionFrom = ioLoadFunctionFrom;
    VM->ioMicroMSecs = ioMicroMSecs;



    VM->positive64BitIntegerFor = positive64BitIntegerFor;
    VM->positive64BitValueOf = positive64BitValueOf;
    VM->signed64BitIntegerFor = signed64BitIntegerFor;
    VM->signed64BitValueOf = signed64BitValueOf;


    VM->isArray = isArray;
    VM->forceInterruptCheck = forceInterruptCheck;

    VM->fetchLong32ofObject = fetchLong32ofObject;
    VM->getThisSessionID = getThisSessionID;
    VM->ioFilenamefromStringofLengthresolveAliases = ioFilenamefromStringofLengthresolveAliases;
    VM->vmEndianness = vmEndianness;

    VM->callbackEnter = callbackEnter;
    VM->callbackLeave = callbackLeave;
    VM->addGCRoot = addGCRoot;
    VM->removeGCRoot = removeGCRoot;

    return VM;
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#ifndef _SqueakVM_H
#define _SqueakVM_H

/* Increment the following number if you change the order of
   functions listed or if you remove functions */
#define VM_PROXY_MAJOR 1

/* Note: You can define a different VM_PROXY_MINOR if the plugin
   should work with older VMs. */
/* Increment the following number if you add functions at the end */
#define VM_PROXY_MINOR 8

#include "sqMemoryAccess.h"

typedef sqInt (*CompilerHook)();

struct VirtualMachine* sqGetInterpreterProxy(void);

typedef struct VirtualMachine {
    sqInt (*minorVersion)(void);
    sqInt (*majorVersion)(void);

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'stack access' */

    sqInt (*pop)(sqInt nItems);
    sqInt (*popthenPush)(sqInt nItems, sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*push)(sqInt object);
    sqInt (*pushBool)(sqInt trueOrFalse);
    sqInt (*pushFloat)(double f);
    sqInt (*pushInteger)(sqInt integerValue);
    double (*stackFloatValue)(sqInt offset);
    sqInt (*stackIntegerValue)(sqInt offset);
    sqInt (*stackObjectValue)(sqInt offset);
    sqInt (*stackValue)(sqInt offset);

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'object access' */

    sqInt (*argumentCountOf)(sqInt methodPointer);
    void *(*arrayValueOf)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*byteSizeOf)(sqInt oop);
    void *(*fetchArrayofObject)(sqInt fieldIndex, sqInt objectPointer);
    sqInt (*fetchClassOf)(sqInt oop);
    double (*fetchFloatofObject)(sqInt fieldIndex, sqInt objectPointer);
    sqInt (*fetchIntegerofObject)(sqInt fieldIndex, sqInt objectPointer);
    sqInt (*fetchPointerofObject)(sqInt fieldIndex, sqInt oop);
/* sqInt (*fetchWordofObject)(sqInt fieldFieldIndex, sqInt oop); *
 * has been rescinded as of VMMaker 3.8 and the 64bitclean VM *
 * work. To support old plugins we keep a valid function in *
 * the same location in the VM struct but rename it to *
 * something utterly horrible to scare off the natives. A new *
 * equivalent but 64 bit valid function is added as *
 * 'fetchLong32OfObject' */
    sqInt (*obsoleteDontUseThisFetchWordofObject)(sqInt fieldFieldIndex, sqInt oop);
    void *(*firstFixedField)(sqInt oop);
    void *(*firstIndexableField)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*literalofMethod)(sqInt offset, sqInt methodPointer);
    sqInt (*literalCountOf)(sqInt methodPointer);
    sqInt (*methodArgumentCount)(void);
    sqInt (*methodPrimitiveIndex)(void);
    sqInt (*primitiveIndexOf)(sqInt methodPointer);
    sqInt (*sizeOfSTArrayFromCPrimitive)(void *cPtr);
    sqInt (*slotSizeOf)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*stObjectat)(sqInt array, sqInt fieldIndex);
    sqInt (*stObjectatput)(sqInt array, sqInt fieldIndex, sqInt value);
    sqInt (*stSizeOf)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*storeIntegerofObjectwithValue)(sqInt fieldIndex, sqInt oop, sqInt integer);
    sqInt (*storePointerofObjectwithValue)(sqInt fieldIndex, sqInt oop, sqInt valuePointer);

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'testing' */

    sqInt (*isKindOf)(sqInt oop, char *aString);
    sqInt (*isMemberOf)(sqInt oop, char *aString);
    sqInt (*isBytes)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*isFloatObject)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*isIndexable)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*isIntegerObject)(sqInt objectPointer);
    sqInt (*isIntegerValue)(sqInt intValue);
    sqInt (*isPointers)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*isWeak)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*isWords)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*isWordsOrBytes)(sqInt oop);

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'converting' */

    sqInt (*booleanValueOf)(sqInt obj);
    sqInt (*checkedIntegerValueOf)(sqInt intOop);
    sqInt (*floatObjectOf)(double aFloat);
    double (*floatValueOf)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*integerObjectOf)(sqInt value);
    sqInt (*integerValueOf)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*positive32BitIntegerFor)(sqInt integerValue);
    sqInt (*positive32BitValueOf)(sqInt oop);

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'special objects' */

    sqInt (*characterTable)(void);
    sqInt (*displayObject)(void);
    sqInt (*falseObject)(void);
    sqInt (*nilObject)(void);
    sqInt (*trueObject)(void);

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'special classes' */

    sqInt (*classArray)(void);
    sqInt (*classBitmap)(void);
    sqInt (*classByteArray)(void);
    sqInt (*classCharacter)(void);
    sqInt (*classFloat)(void);
    sqInt (*classLargePositiveInteger)(void);
    sqInt (*classPoint)(void);
    sqInt (*classSemaphore)(void);
    sqInt (*classSmallInteger)(void);
    sqInt (*classString)(void);

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'instance creation' */

    sqInt (*clone)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*instantiateClassindexableSize)(sqInt classPointer, sqInt size);
    sqInt (*makePointwithxValueyValue)(sqInt xValue, sqInt yValue);
    sqInt (*popRemappableOop)(void);
    sqInt (*pushRemappableOop)(sqInt oop);

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'other' */

    sqInt (*becomewith)(sqInt array1, sqInt array2);
    sqInt (*byteSwapped)(sqInt w);
    sqInt (*failed)(void);
    sqInt (*fullDisplayUpdate)(void);
    sqInt (*fullGC)(void);
    sqInt (*incrementalGC)(void);
    sqInt (*primitiveFail)(void);
    sqInt (*showDisplayBitsLeftTopRightBottom)(sqInt aForm, sqInt l, sqInt t, sqInt r, sqInt b);
    sqInt (*signalSemaphoreWithIndex)(sqInt semaIndex);
    sqInt (*success)(sqInt aBoolean);
    sqInt (*superclassOf)(sqInt classPointer);

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'compiler' */

    CompilerHook *(*compilerHookVector)(void);
    sqInt (*setCompilerInitialized)(sqInt initFlag);


    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'BitBlt support' */

    sqInt (*loadBitBltFrom)(sqInt bbOop);
    sqInt (*copyBits)(void);
    sqInt (*copyBitsFromtoat)(sqInt leftX, sqInt rightX, sqInt yValue);



    sqInt (*classLargeNegativeInteger)(void);
    sqInt (*signed32BitIntegerFor)(sqInt integerValue);
    sqInt (*signed32BitValueOf)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*includesBehaviorThatOf)(sqInt aClass, sqInt aSuperClass);
    sqInt (*primitiveMethod)(void);

    /* InterpreterProxy methodsFor: 'FFI support' */

    sqInt (*classExternalAddress)(void);
    sqInt (*classExternalData)(void);
    sqInt (*classExternalFunction)(void);
    sqInt (*classExternalLibrary)(void);
    sqInt (*classExternalStructure)(void);
    sqInt (*ioLoadModuleOfLength)(sqInt modIndex, sqInt modLength);
    sqInt (*ioLoadSymbolOfLengthFromModule)(sqInt fnIndex, sqInt fnLength, sqInt handle);
    sqInt (*isInMemory)(sqInt address);



    void *(*ioLoadFunctionFrom)(char *fnName, char *modName);
    sqInt (*ioMicroMSecs)(void);



# if !defined(sqLong)
# if _MSC_VER
# define sqLong __int64
# else
# define sqLong long long
# endif
# endif

    sqInt (*positive64BitIntegerFor)(sqLong integerValue);
    sqLong (*positive64BitValueOf)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*signed64BitIntegerFor)(sqLong integerValue);
    sqLong (*signed64BitValueOf)(sqInt oop);


    sqInt (*isArray)(sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*forceInterruptCheck)(void);

    sqInt (*fetchLong32ofObject)(sqInt fieldFieldIndex, sqInt oop);
    sqInt (*getThisSessionID)(void);
    sqInt (*ioFilenamefromStringofLengthresolveAliases)(char* aCharBuffer, char* filenameIndex, sqInt filenameLength, sqInt resolveFlag);
    sqInt (*vmEndianness)(void);

  /* New methods for proxy version 1.8 */

  /* callbackEnter: Re-enter the interpreter loop for a callback.
       callbackID: Pointer to a location receiving the callback ID
                   used in callbackLeave
     Returns: True if successful, false otherwise */
  sqInt (*callbackEnter)(sqInt *callbackID);

  /* callbackLeave: Leave the interpreter from a previous callback
       callbackID: The ID of the callback received from callbackEnter()
     Returns: True if succcessful, false otherwise. */
  sqInt (*callbackLeave)(sqInt callbackID);

  /* addGCRoot: Add a variable location to the garbage collector.
     The contents of the variable location will be updated accordingly.
       varLoc: Pointer to the variable location
     Returns: True if successful, false otherwise. */
  sqInt (*addGCRoot)(sqInt *varLoc);

  /* removeGCRoot: Remove a variable location from the garbage collector.
       varLoc: Pointer to the variable location
     Returns: True if successful, false otherwise.
  sqInt (*removeGCRoot)(sqInt *varLoc);

} VirtualMachine;

#endif /* _SqueakVM_H */

09-13-07 00:34   
Reminder sent to: andreas

Care to upload the latest relevant changes files for me? Latest email I have on the subject is from january so you may well have changed things by now. Files, URLs, pointers to MC etc all welcome.
09-13-07 01:21   
The code is in Jabberwocky: [^]

Check out the VMMaker package in there.
09-13-07 05:46   
Oops, wrong link (needs to go to Jabberwocky not Hedgehog): [^]
12-28-07 20:02   
The Jabberwocky repo seems to be missing the vmmaker versions between -ar.61 and -ar.70
05-27-08 18:53   
There are some differences between the contents of ExtraGCRoots.cs, Callbacks.cs and ar.70 on jabberwocky.
05-27-08 18:54   
Reminder sent to: andreas

Am I right in thinking that the code in jabberwocky/ar.70 is more up to date than the code in the attached files? Is there still more recent code?
08-07-08 00:30   
Reminder sent to: andreas

Ping! See previous note/reminder