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6689 Morphic text always 09-20-07 03:16 10-07-07 21:13
0006689: Balloon help for MenuMorph keystroke searching appears at the wrong time
The balloon help for the menu morph search feature appears only after the user has started typing, at which point the user may have already figured out what is going on.
The text is stored in MenuMorph>>keyStroke
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 MenuMorph-removeKeyStrokeBalloonHelp.1.cs [^] (2,592 bytes) 09-20-07 03:40

09-20-07 03:47   
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Quoting Chris Muller:
My least favorite design choice about the menus is the instructional
balloon help,

   "Enter text to narrow selection down to matching items."

Does anyone know why displaying this balloon only AFTER you've typed a
character, and the menu has visually responded by

  1) graying out everything not matching
  2) highlighting the first entry that does match
  3) displaying the typed character at the bottom of the menu,
increasing its height

that the balloon is then displayed?

  1) The above three visual cues make the balloon completely unnecessary
  2) In fact, having it appear at the top distracts the users
attention from the bottom, where the search string is being typed
  3) it sometimes even covers parts of the screen containing useful information!

Wouldn't it make more sense to display the balloon BEFORE a character
is typed? Even better, how about not at all? It doesn't seem like
something that would be that important to a newbie, who will be so
busy absorbing other information, and they'll stumble on it very soon
09-20-07 03:48   
Uploaded MenuMorph-removeKeyStrokeBalloonHelp.1.cs. As the name suggests, this eliminates the balloon help entirely. I don't particularly like this sollution. I will try putting the balloon at the bottom
09-20-07 04:00   
Hmm. the balloon does appear at the bottom of the menu if the menu is not too close to the bottom of the world. If the menu is near the bottom, where should the balloon be?
09-20-07 04:13   
Hi Matthew,

The more immediate problem with this feature is that menus tend to have keyboard focus when you are not expecting (i.e. poised to type into something else> or when you have a simple yes no menu.

Typing keys usually leads to a entirely greyed out menu. It took me a long while to realize I had to delete the characters I mistyped inorder to get the menu back again, deal with it and dismiss it.

My belief is this is how newbies interact with the feature.
So my suggestion is this feature needs to be disabled at least until someone indicates they are expert enough by enabling it.
09-21-07 01:20   
Matthew, why don't you like your solution? What good does it do to display the balloon after we already have the THREE visual cues about what's going on?
09-21-07 01:22   
wiz, can you describe how the specific circumstances you describe ("menus tend to have keyboard focus when you are not expecting") come about?