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6690 Morphic minor always 09-20-07 06:20 09-20-07 06:23
new 3.10  
0006690: The "Active window" is stored in the SystemWindow class rather than the world
In every morphic world, there is one "active" window. The distinction between "active" and "inactive" windows is nice, but the implementation is rather opaque. For instance, "inactive" windows, when clicked, will raise themselves to the top and become the "active" window
The "active" window is stored as the class variable #TopWindow in SystemWindow, rather than in the active world. This has a few drawbacks:
- Only SystemWindow and subclasses can act "active" or "inactive"
- The active window is set for the entire image rather than for the current world/project

It would be nice, for example, for a sticky menu to be able to be activated/passivated like a SystemWindow
related to 0001780@60@ matthewf Stay up menus have a confusing and dangerous behavior when obscured. 
related to 0001353new  [BUG][FIX] TextMorph focus handling 
child of 0005124new  SystemWindows is ripe for a refactoring. 

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