SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

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0006699: Menu keyboarding works poorly and conflicts with menu label editing

For this one

Part one:
Create and enter a new morphic project.

Get a world menu

With the mouse over the menu type o (as suggested by the object label)

and press return.

instead of the object menu appearing you get back to the previous project.

Part two:

Reenter your project

Get a new world menu with the mouse over the object label hold shift down and press the mouse.

The menu widens an red text duplicates the menu item label.

Type a key the menu label changes to that letter.

Type another key. Part of the menu will grey out.

What is happening

Part one:
Menus have a filtering feature. Type a key and any label not containing the key is greyed out.

The reason it doesn't work as expected for o is the search is for any substring not just one anchored at the beginning of the label.

'Previous project' matches $o as well as object.

part two:

Shift mouseDown invokes label editing.
For label editing the first keystroke frees up focus which is next grabbed by the filtering feature.

Neither feature seems to work well in relation to the whole.

They have not been fixed because no one has focused on them. No one has focused on them because it would be daft to use them. So I believe they have been ignored.

So anyone championing either of these features?

When was the last time someone had a real use for the label editing feature?

It seems to me that both could be gotten to work at the same time if the focus issue could be solved.


What is a good user story for menus?

Do we need one or both of these features?

Can the keyboard and mouse focus be improved as they affect menus?

Should the label editing feature be retained or chucked?

Should the filtering feature be retained, repaired or chucked?

I suspect there will be some Windows using poweruser who will expect his menus to respond to keyboard commands. But right now squeak does such a poor job of this that I suspect it is more of a nusiance than a shortcut.

has duplicate 0006791assigned wiz Keyboarding on a menu is trying to serve two conflicting purposes. 
related to 0001780@60@ matthewf Stay up menus have a confusing and dangerous behavior when obscured. 
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