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new 3.10  
0006710: fix for the Method Finder from Ted Kaehler
       I noticed a bug in the MethodFinder, and I wonder if you
could submit my fix to the current Squeak update stream. It occurs
in one of the examples in the MethodFinder window, so it is
especially embarrassing!

       In a current Squeak, this expression never returns. Please try it.

MethodFinder methodFor: { {1. 3}. true. {20. 10}. false}.

If it returns in 5 seconds, all is well, and my fix is not needed.
If it actually is an infinite loop.
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 MthFinderFix-tk.cs [^] (1,872 bytes) 10-07-07 23:17

nicolas cellier   
10-13-07 21:35   
Ok, for printStringBase: I duplicated this at [^]
However, I would prefer an Exception (like self error: 'cannot print in base < 2').

But expect more problems with MethodFinder like:
  MethodFinder methodFor: {{1. Float nan}. true.}.
will loop on (1 take: Float nan).

Solution would be to detect such loops...
Maybe a time out at higher priority scanning the stack and detecting same pattern twice...