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6731 Hedgehog crash always 10-15-07 12:20 10-21-07 17:01
Bob Arning  
0006731: walkback when trying to move forward in croquetcollaborative demo
I started the demo. pressed 'e' a few times to turn, then pressed 'w' to move forward. The walkback appeared. The rrror was that "Processor activeIsland randomStream" was nil, but when I inspected it in the debugger, it was a TARC4Cypher, so it looks like a bit of a timing issue.

I restarted Croquet and was able to get the same error.
 Wkey.log [^] (4,489 bytes) 10-15-07 12:20

Bob Arning   
10-15-07 15:03   
It is not necessary to turn using 'e'. Simply typing 'w' or 's' when the demo world is visible will cause the crash.
Bob Arning   
10-15-07 19:45   
It is not necessary to type anything. If I point the mouse at a nearby panel and click on the come-to-me arrow, I get the same error.
Bob Arning   
10-21-07 17:01   
I have checked every day or so since the initial report and today the problem has gone away. Don't know why.