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6758 Morphic feature N/A 11-09-07 05:02 11-09-07 05:02
0006758: [tests] Integrity tests for morph owner-submorph relationship
Morphs have a constraint that all submorphs of a morph must show that morph as its owner. This is a simple test to check all instances to probe it that is true at a given point in time.

The idea is to catch any code that gets in that inadvertanly violates that.

We also check that morphs with owners are listed as submorphs of that morph. The exception is hand morphs which are not submorphs but hands of a particular world morph.

So those are checked separately.

Test01-wiz.2.cs contains these tests as part of the MorphBugs class.

I also changed the name of the other test in that class so it followed the test* convention of the test runner.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
 Tests01-wiz.2.cs [^] (2,730 bytes) 11-09-07 05:02

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