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6760 Any minor always 11-10-07 05:58 11-10-07 06:20
0006760: Menu croquet 1.0.18 not accessible under linux
The connection to simpledemo (master) croquet 1.0.18 takes place under gentoo with error messages:

Open / dev / [sound /] dsp: Device or resource busy
SocketPlugin: ignoring unknown option 'SO_REUSEPORT'

I can navigate through the 3D world with rabbits. But I can not access the menu, it is fully hatched. It seems that we can open windows as unreadable by clicking randomly in the hatching.

I have this problem with ubuntu feisty, ubuntu gusty and gentoo and on two different computers. It seems to me that this is a bug in the software croquet 1.0.18
 croquet-bug.png [^] (412,769 bytes) 11-10-07 06:20

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