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6788 Polymorph minor always 11-28-07 13:25 01-07-08 12:38
mathk Mac OS  
GazzaGuru MacOSX  
normal 10.5  
resolved 3.10  
7154 fixed  
0006788: Bug with an Empty PluggableListMorph
When a PluggableListMorph have no item and you press a key you have a bug.

Open OmniBrowser and go on the third or fourth empty panel.
If you hit a key you come up with a Debugger saying from Array "a primitive has failed".

This appear because of several reason:
  - The list contain no item
  - No item is selected so the algorithm is confused with the index.

The attached file fix the problem. (Since is UI stuff I don't have tests)
related to 0006462closed  Squeak Jump-by-key in some lists broken 
 FixEmptyPluggableList.3.cs [^] (1,986 bytes) 11-28-07 13:38
 FixEmptyPluggableList.3 - M0006788.cs [^] (1,986 bytes) 11-28-07 13:38

11-28-07 13:36   
In fact this issue is only on a Squeak dev image
11-28-07 16:41   
Was the error:
MessageNotUnderstood: UndefinedObject>>adaptToNumber:andSend:
11-28-07 19:42   
It was a Array class>>basicNew
'Primitive fail'
Damien Cassou   
11-29-07 06:51   
What you could try is to take a fresh 3.9 and load UI-Enhancements. Then, take a fresh 3.10 and load UI-Enhancements. Discuss here what happens exactly in each case.
11-29-07 17:20   
Looks like I had integrated Daimen Pollet's fix too early, before the zero size fixup.. :-) This method is overridden in Widgets (UIEnhancements) to support disregarding key activity in disabled lists.
Updated in SqueakSource Pinesoft-Widgets-gvc.272.
11-29-07 17:21   
If you'd like to try with the 272 version of Widgets to check the fix...
01-07-08 12:37   
Given no feedback and it apparently working ok now I'm closing the issue.
01-07-08 12:38   
Incorporated later fixes for list key handling.