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6791 Morphic major always 11-29-07 07:03 07-03-09 00:27
0006791: Keyboarding on a menu is trying to serve two conflicting purposes.
The following is a description and analysis of what happens on most menus:

If you have the shift key down when you press the mouse the label editor activates (menu becomes twice as wide with the selection you are on highlighted once in red then in black . You can type one letter and that replaces the label. Subsequent typing "filters the menu" by elimiating labels that do not match what is typed.

Basicly this is two features in confilct.

One circa 1999 (di and ar) meant to allow dynamicly changing menu labels.

The other added later meant for selecting menu items via keyboard input.

The second steals and hordes keyboard focus after the first keystroke.

I haven't looked for the problems but it would seem the next step is to decide what is to go. I supect the label editing feature should be eliminated for now.

This was first mentioned in 0001780 but it clearly deserves its own report and followup.

duplicate of 0006699new  Menu keyboarding works poorly and conflicts with menu label editing 
related to 0001780@60@ matthewf Stay up menus have a confusing and dangerous behavior when obscured. 
child of 0006635new  Mother of Squeak UI annoyances 

12-17-07 04:29   
Hi Matthew, thanks for pointing out the relation with 6699. On reflection I decided to treat this report as the duplicate as the other is a little more precise and explanitory.

Cheers- Jer
07-03-09 00:27   
Reopening the issue, status of dupes should match the status of the other existing matches.