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6810 Any tweak always 12-10-07 11:26 12-17-07 12:23
Damien Cassou  
confirmed 3.10  
3.10.1beta.7141 (01-Nov-2007) open  
0006810: Jagged SketchMorphs

if you file-in the attached st file in a 3.10.1beta.7141 (01-Nov-2007) or later image, the icon which appears is jagged (not antialiased).

If you file-in the same file in a Squeak3.10beta.7143 (22-Aug-2007) or previous image, the image looks really nice. [^] (26,528 bytes) 12-10-07 11:26 [^] (26,866 bytes) 12-17-07 11:05

12-17-07 04:14   
more data points

I tried this in a fresh squeak 7067 (the standard final image) and got the anti aliased version (looks nice and smooth)
And in a fresh squeak 7159 and the image was not the same but as damien described jagged. There were also some red pixels on the middle yellow bar. Red pixels?? On a blue and yellow drawing???

So I wonder what has changed since 7067???

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
Nicolai Hess   
12-17-07 10:54   
I just tried this with the resent 3.10 Beta image and it looks
as described above. To better compare it with my 3.9 image I had to
change my background color. As I opened the appearance-menu I
accidentally clicked the display depth menu.
And the default depth was ...
I changed to 32 (as in my 3.9 image) and the image looks smooth and nice (and no red pixels anymore).

12-17-07 11:04   
Brave Nicolai !
Just I made some like MessageTally tallySendsTo: nil inBlock: [JaggedIconTest show ] showTree: false.
Use the info from Damien and start to see if any methods was changed between two images.
Save me hours of work.
So is only a setup...

What all think I should do, only change the setup in next image I send to ftp?
Also send notice to list about some jagged could be avoided with depth 32 ?

Damien Cassou   
12-17-07 12:10   
Thank you Nicolai. The first thing you should do Edgar, in my opinion, is to find why and how the color depth has changed. Then, you can just change the next image I think.
12-17-07 12:23   
This is a easy answer.
Sure I change deph to 16.
Next time I check this also.