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6816 System minor always 12-20-07 06:06 12-21-07 19:45
new 3.10  
0006816: Walkback when opening World>Appearance>Preferences>Help
Choosing Appearance from the World menu, then opening Preferences and clicking on the "Help!" button produces a walkback (subscript out of bounds: 0). The problem is caused by #last being sent to an empty String in Preferences class>>giveHelpWithPreferences (near the bottom of a rather ugly method).
Fix (and refactoring of said ugly method) is attached. [^] (5,831 bytes) 12-20-07 06:07

12-20-07 20:26   
FWIW this bug was fixed in the Squeakland image in August 2005 by update 0476prefFix, though without any refactoring away of any putative "ugliness" ;-)
12-21-07 09:53   
Ah, my apologies - I saw it in the latest 3.10 image as well as in 3.7 and 3.8, did a search on Mantis and couldn't find anything about it. Just saw the walkback, had a look, and couldn't stop myself from refactoring a bit ;-)

What's the best way to go about checking whether a fix exists already next time?
12-21-07 19:45   
Hi, Amos. No need to apologize! As you noticed, the bug still exists at least in Squeak 3.7 - 3.10; the Squeakland branch (and the OLPC branch, which arises out of the Squeakland branch) has by now diverged sharply from Squeak 3.8 (from which it forked), and has *many* bug fixes and enhancements, but there's no organized process for code from and code from Squeakland to be reconciled. So what you did totally appropriate. My observation that the bug had been fixed a couple of years ago in Squeakland was just a note in passing. -- sw