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6826 OmniBrowser minor N/A 12-22-07 04:51 04-09-11 20:11
0006826: [RFE] How about a list that combines senders and implementors for a selector?
Context: You are trying to track down a bug in a routine. Which means you have a question about a selector.

Presently you can chase senders or implementors (and the chasing of implementors has a bug so you do chase the one you want).

But what you really want to do is to look at all the implementors to see which ones are relevant and then to see who sends the selector.

Solution: If I could get a list that for a particular selector lists all implementors and senders of the selector in the same list that would save steps and enhance clarity.

Implementors will have different classes but the same selector.
Implementors may also be senders. so glance.

So distinguishing senders could be accomplish at a glance if senders are indented (or bulleted) in the list.

And then you would have something really useful for debugging. And a potentially simpler browser.

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